Air Humidifier.(medisana=AH-670)


*Air humidifier,AH-670 is ultrasonic technology with switchable LED lightning and low noise and energy saving.

*Smart & remote cotrol, max duration of water tank is approx;9hrs, 2 nebulising intensities can be selected .

*Flavor adative container, included water filter, and automatically switch off when water tank is empty, 1.8Ltr water tank capacity.

*It improve the room air and provide a pleasent atmosphere with switchable LED well lightning, increase the well-being in your four walls.

*Brand; medisana is German quality products.

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Air humidifier medisana,AH-670 is ultrasonic technology with switchable

LED light.Ambient air that is too dry or humidity can be very uncomfortable

and unhealthy.The humidifier AH-670 is enhances well-being in your home.

Medisana is German products.


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