Combo Eectrotherapy Tens Machine.(AstraMed)


* 3 in 1 Pain relief TENS,EMS,& MASSAGE machine.

*Use for pain relief of Neck, Shoulders, Back, Hip, Hands,

Abdomen, Feets, Arms, Legs,and Joints muscles.

*The device can be used in the home or hospital, using the

patient must be 18 years or older of adults.

*Design in AstraMed UK.

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Combo electrotherapy tens machine

AstraMed company ,AM-777.

3 in 1 drug free pain relief technology.(Tens, Ems, & Massage)

Designed in UK.

. 9 Preset Tens programs

. 8 Preset Ems programs

. 5 Preset Massage programs.

It is used for temporary relief of pain associated with sore and aching muscles in neck , shoulder, back, joints, hip, hand, abdomen, upper arm , and lower legs.

Relaxation of muscles spasm.

increasing local blood circulation.


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