Digital Hygrometer or Temp.& Humidity Meter.(HTC-1)


*Temprature and humidity displayed in huge 1″ high numbers.

*Max/Min humidity and temprature are recorded automatically and can be reset by the user’s.

*Fehranhiet or celsius readout (chanchable by the selection F or C on the back.

*12 0R 24 hours time mode,and alarm function.

*Month and day display available by pushing ADJ button.

*Integrated back stand for desktop or tablet use or hanging hole for wall mounting.

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Digital hygrometer or temprature and humidity meter is contain time, and temprature display, humidity display with calendar, alarm clock, and the maximum and manimum value of humiture memory function, the convert of temprature and degree, fehranheit, and talk clock.

Power; one standard AAA1.5 v battery.


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