Dual Function Cannulated Drill. (ND-2011)


I: Portable and lightweight
Ii: Reliable and performance
Iii: Autoclavable

Medical Autoclavable Orthopedic Canulate drill
1:Technical Data:
I: Hand Piece
Working Voltage: 14.4V
Output Power: More than 20W
Unit Rise In Temperaturer: More than 25 centi-degree
Input Voltage: AC 220V, 50Hz
Output Power: 14.4V, 900mA
Input Power: 30VA
Iii: Battery
Voltage: 14.4V
Charging Time: About Three Hours

2: Standard Configuration
I: One hand piece
Ii: One battery
Iii: One Charger
Iv: One drill chuck
V: One Sterilizing channel
Vi: One Aluminium box

3: Technical Merits:
I: Axial run-out of concentricity is within 0.05mm
Ii: Rotating speed: 600 rpm
Iii: Rotated torque: 3.5N/m
Iv: Supporting the interface of the brand products
V: Semi-luser surface treatment technology gives the operator more comfortable operation
Vi: Multipurpose interface is easier to use in clinic
Vii: 4.0mm hollow for all brand needles to pass througth
Viii: Ni-MH battery without memory environment friendl

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This Cannulated Drill machine crafted of quality material, lightweight and portable,
low noise and little vibration, with quick attachment capability, variable speed, convenient,
Reliable performance. Apply to trauma operation. 4.0mm hollow for all brand needles to pass through.Autoclavable can be sterilized up to 135°C.


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