Fetal Dopler. (JUMPER)


.Fetal Dopler (JUMPER) JPD-100B,

.The fetal heart detector can be used above 16 weeks of pregnancy

.The device must be in direct contact with the pregnant mother’s skin and used with gel to help detect fetal heart rate

.It is possible to record the fetal heart sounds on a computer, store it

.Listen and record your unborn baby’s heartbeat at your comfortable home

.Proved peace of mind, reassurance and great joy to mothers and families

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The product is a portable, lightweight detector. It’s built to fulfill your fetal heartbeat detecting and hearing demands, with advanced detecting functions and a wide spectrum of fetal heartbeat sounds. The product sprimarily detects fetal heartbeat rate (FHR) and fetal heartbeat sound (SFH). Examining these indices can reveal information about a fetus’s growth and development. It can be used in the gynecology and obstetrics department as well as the clinic daily. The product is classified as class IIa under Annex IX of the “Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC” based on rule 10, “Devices for Direct Diagnosis or Detection on Physiological Process.”


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