Heating Pad.(BC-240)


*Electric heating pad.(BC-240).

*Made in Taiwan.

*70% larger than standard pads .

*Soothing moist or dry warmth relieves tired,aching muscles,and temporary arthritic pain.

*Absorbent sponge provides panitrating moist heat.

*Removable,washable,cover with snap closure.

*100% moisture-proof , vinyl covered pad.

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DRY HEAT:                                                                                                                                                                                Slip the cloth outer cover over the heating pad and snap it closed.

Plug into a 110/220 volt outlet and set control to desired heat setting.


Run warm water over sponge until it is throughly saturated.

Gently wring out excess water,and slip the cloth outer cover over the

heating pad;place the sponge between the heating pad and cloth cover.

snap cover closed.


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