Hillux Vilgus Splint.


*Hillux vilgus splint is a resting splint,for both day and night use.

*Comfortably bend in the bunion bone and toes.

*It helps to adjust the big toe to prevent valgus.

*Hillux vilgus splint is straightner and corrector for bunion.

*The splint to protect foot from pain and stress.

*Single peice packing.

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This splint is professional for pain relief and correction of hillux vilgus, the splint correct toe malpositioning demonstrably.Protect and relief the painful bunion and support the entire foot while walking.The splint is easily put on and can be worn left or night.The splint can be worn during the day under load (while walking).Bymeans the integrated joint next to the bunion.And due to flat design the splint fit smoothly into almost any walking shoes.


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