Hyperextension Brace.


*Hyperextenion brace is also known as Ash brace or cash orthosis.

*Hyperextension brace designed to immobilized the vertebral column & maintain it in its natural or hyper-extension position.

*It provide extension & stabilization of the spine in the sagittal plane,at the same time it encourages sternal and symphytic lordosis thus relieving pressure on the anterior parts of the vertebral bodies.

*Designesd to act on three point pressure principle by exerting  pressure against sternum & pelvis on ventra /anterior & the lumber region on the dorsal/posterior.

*Anatomically designed sternal & pelvic pads act as shock absorbers & provide comfort.

*Lightweight,hence does not exert pressure on the spinal cord.

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Hyperextension brace is universal size and adjustable which is fit on all.

Hyperextension brace is also known as Ash brace or Cash orthosis.

Aluminum channel light weight frame,& wide flaxibility in size.A rigid pad provide better support from the back & relieves the load on the anterior vertebra.


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