Rom Air Sheild Walker. (short)


*(5925) Rom air sheild walker is indicated for raptured achilles tendons.

*Rom air sheild walker is for stable foot and ankle fractures and acute ankle sprain.

*Post-op ankle surgery where rotacted range of motion is required.

*Air can be easily adjusted to achieve desired compression and custom fit.

*Planted rom with orange safety lock machinaism and easy rom setting application.

*Soft foam with breathable fabric lining keeps you dry and comfortable.

*Fits either left and right foot.

*Available in sizes such as; S, M, L, & XL.

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The conwell (5925) rom air sheild walker is for raptured achilles tendons, stable foot or ankle fractured , acute ankle sprains.

Post-op ankle surgery where rotected range of motion is required. Rom setting between O’-40′ planter-flexion and O’-40′ dorsi flexion in 10′ increments . Available in sizes such as; small, medium, large and extra large.


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