Silicone Vacuum Cup.(nova)


*Silicon vacuum cup reusable.(nova)

*Silicon cup can be used with no anxiety, easy to handle.

*Enabaling the stimultineous performance of rotation & traction.

*Portable, and used for suction and delivery.

*Light weight,easily and comfortable to use.

*Made in Taiwan.

*Small size(50mm),medium size(60mm) & large size is (70mm).

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Silicone vacuum cup (nova) is reusable device and auto-clavable.

The use of metal vacuum may often cause abrasion of scalp or sugillation since the limit area over which the instruments is fit,is passed by the differance in pressure between the marked site.The silicone vacuum cup can easily fit even in the presence of the caput succedaneum.The silicone cup can produced explusive force in a more natural ways.

Available in small size (50mm), medium size (60mm), and (70mm).

Made in Taiwan.


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