Surgical Bone Drill. (ND-1001)


1:Medical devices medical drill machine with drill bit(ND-1001)

I: Professional surgical power tool drill manufacture.
Ii: Variable speed, convenient, high coaxiality, lower-noise
Iii: Surgical power tool motor and electric.
Iv: Autoclavable and stainless steel.

2: Standard configuration
I: One drill chuck with key.
Ii: One battery
Iii: One charger
Iv: One handpiece
V: One sterilizing channel
Vi: One aluminum box

3: Technical merits
I: Autoclavable
Ii: We can autoclavable for 135 ° C (Improved type ≤ 155 ° C), with 1.6Mpa, in this way the bacilli and virus which can not be killed by the suffocating will be killed.
Iii: Used for internal fixation with steel plate.
Iv: We use environment-friendly nickel-metal hydride battery.
V: The machine has very low noise.

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ND-1001 Surgical Bone Drill

Designed for trauma surgery. This medical bone drill made of high-strength biomedical stainless steel, with low noise, low vibration, variable speed, portable, lightweight, and reliable performance.For added safety, this device features a speed control mechanism, Autoclavable can be sterilized up to 135”C.


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