Under Arm Crutches. (ky-925)

*Under arm light weight crutches pair.Ky-925

*Classic wooden design with the modernisation of using aluminium.

*The hand grip is also soft and high adjustable,suiting a wide range of user’s hight.

*Ideal choice for user’s who wish to minimise weight bearing on the wrist,and experience greater controll while walking at home or outdoor.

*Light weight and adjustable product for disable.

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Under arm crutches pairs is best and classic design.

Crutches are the type of walking aid that serve to increase

the size of individuals base of support.It transfer weight from

legs to upper arm body. Available in 3 sizes; small, medium, and large.

Small crutches pair is; Rs:

Medium crutches pair is; Rs:

Large crutches pair is; Rs:


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