Electrical Powerfull Massager.(THERIVE-717)


*Electrical powerful massager,(THRIVE-717).

*Made in Japan.

*It’s used for massage and vibrate our body parts,

to enhance immune system,& the function of internal organs.

*Used for such a chronic ailments, as stiff shoulders  and neuralgia.

*Used against the effected area with zigzag vibration.

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This massager combines a vertical motion with an irregullar rotary motion which raises massaging effects.

Powerfull, irregullar vibration gives the same effects as your skillful hands do,enabling the unit to do the job with an almost explosive speed.

A massage with heat on is more effictive for treatment of stiffness and fatigue.

Designed for a long use, it can be used with absolute safety, anytime and anywhere.

Effective for stiffness & fatigue, to enhance immune system & increase the functions of internal organs.


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