Kinesiology Tape.


*Constricting or restriction of your movement, use kinesiology taping improve their sporting performance.

*Prevent injuries and allow them to return to sport quicker.

*Muscles & joint support, muscle inflammation reduction & minimization and even pain relief.

*No drug,non-allergic,water proof,reduce pain,normalize muscle function,improve lymphatic and blood flow.

*Correct joint mal-alignment and improve propriocation.

*Promote body natural healing function.Support the stability of muscles and joints,and wouldn’t interfere with the activity of body.

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Kinesiology tape is a thin, stretchy, elastic cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive. Therapeutic kinesiology tape that can benefits a wide variety of musculoskeletal and sports injuries, plus inflammatory condition.Kinesiology tape is almost identical to human skin in both thickness and elasticity.Which allow kinesio tape to be worn without binding.

Imported and best quality kinesiology tape, and available in different colour’s such as black, blue, green, orange, pink etc.


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