Venom Extractor Kit, Konmed Pump. (KONMED)


*Konmed pump Venom extractor kit, (KM-109) is used for removal of poisons bites such as; (snakes & spiders) and stings just like: (wasps, scorpions, and centipedes).

*Compact & portable,suction strong one-handed operation.

*Venom extractor kit, tourniquet, alcohal prep pads, povidone-iodine.

*For professional and hospital use.

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Konmed venom extractor kit is use for removal of poisons bites, (snakes, spiders and stings: wasps, scorpion, and centipedes). Use the product immeditally with in five minuts after the bites. Keep the products work for up to 5 to 15 minutes until the red fresh  blood come from the wounded part.                    It’s only suaitable for pre-hospital emergancy treatment .seek for medical treatment immeditaly.


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