Multifunctional Drill Saw System. (NM-100)


1: Detailed product description:
I: Autoclavable drill&saw
Ii: Professional drill and saw manufacturer
Iii: Versatile, cost-effective
Iv: Discretionary speed control

2: Specifications:
Power voltage: AC220V, 50Hz
Noise: 63dB
Color: Silver
Material: Stainless steel
Package: Aluminium alloy box
Cannula diameter: 4.2mm
Drill type: Autoclavable type
Applying scope: 0.6-6mm, 0.6-8mm

3: Seven attachments:
I: Quick chuck (bone drill)
Ii: Sternum saw
Iii: Cranial bur
Iv: Oscillating saw
V: Acetabulum reamer
Vi: Wire and pin chuck (canulate drill)
Vii: Automatic-stopping cranial drill

4: No-load speed of seven attachments:
I: Quick: 1100r/m
Ii: Sternum saw: 15000r/m
Iii: Craniotomy mill: 40000r/m
Iv: Oscillating saw: 16000r/m
V: Acetabulum reamer: 300r/m
Vi: Cranial drill: 900r. M. P
Vii: Wire and pin chuck: 600r. M. P

5: Main features:

I: Professional surgical power tools manufacturer
Ii: The single trigger modular handppiece can be autoclaved
Iii: Comprehensive range of quike change attachments
Iv: The ingenious handpiece is equipped by powerful motor and provides precise and stable performance
V: The ergonomic design offers comfortable grip and more convenient manipulation to meet various clinicians’ requirements.

6: Main components:
I: One handpiece
Ii: One battery
Iii: One charger
Iv: One sterilizing channel
V: Quick chuck
Vi: Sternum saw
Vii: Craniotomy mill
Viii: Oscillating saw
Ix: Acetabulum reamer
X: Wire and pin chuck
I: Automatic-stopping cranial drill
Ii: One aluminum alloy case

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 Model NO.:RJ-MP-NM-100  Type: Surgical Instrument
 Material:Stainless Steel  Feature:Reusable
 Medical Device Regulatory Type:Type 2  Medical Devices Reg./Record No.:Wsyjxzz2012-2100053
 Saw Speed:16000(Drilling)  Speed of Bone Drill Attachment:1100rpm
 Speed of Wire and Pin Chuck:600rpm  Cannula Diameter:4.2mm
 Non-Load Noise:63dB  Size of Drill Chuck:0.6mm–6mm/0.6mm–8mm
 Voltage:AC220V/50Hz  Color:Silver
 Can Be Sterukuzed up to:135&Degree  Transport Package:Each Set Packed in Aluminium Box Then in a Carton



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